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Types of evidence

Direct evidence

Evidence of actual performance in the workplace

Indirect evidence

This is evidence provided by the learner him/herself or by another source.

Historical evidence

This type of evidence verifies what the learner was capable of doing in the past. This is the least reliable, however, because it does not guarantee what the learner is capable of doing at present.

Ways of collecting evidence:
• Direct observation
• Work in progress
• Work related to simulations
• Test of knowledge
• Work-related project
• Assignments
• Direct questioning
• Videotape
Portfolio of evidence
• Checklists
• Logbooks
• Progress reports • Team outputs
Verification of completed work
• Performance appraisal
• Documentary evidence: – written testimony – training records
• Photographs of performance
• Written testimony
Certificates and qualifications
• Performance records
• Documented evidence of competence

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