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To write a student learning outcome, there are various formats you can use.

1. SWiBAT (Student Will Be Able To) + Active verb (from Bloom’s taxonomy) +

Condition (as a result of) + Measurement (as measured by or as demonstrated by …) +
When (at what timeline).
2. Powerpoint on Writing Learning Outcomes includes Keeling’s guidelines, format, 10 points
for writing outcomes, examples and more.

3. Keeling format  see graphic

4. Article by Marilee Bresciani

5. Condition (As a result ….; from participating in …) + Audience (selected population
being assessed) + Behavior (active verb) + Degree of Achievement

Verbs to avoid when writing learning outcomes –
these are not action verbs (use specific action verbs):
Become aware of
Become familiar with

Use verbs such as Tell, Articulate, Define, Demonstrate.

To find appropriate verbs to use, see the information on Bloom’s
Taxonomy on our website and the lists of active verbs.

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