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The Coach as Administrator

As a coach, you are responsible for guiding and, to some extent, controlling the discussion.

You can do this in part by ensuring that meetings begin and end on time and overseeing preparation of the agenda, distribution of handouts, and even preparation of the meeting’s minutes.

Coaches themselves should write the minutes of each session rather than assign the task either to an administrative assistant or another team member. By retaining the responsibility to put in writing the conclusions reached at each session, you ensure that the minutes reflect the scope initially set for the group. Poorly written minutes can actually sidetrack a team.

In writing the minutes, you may also see evidence that the team is losing its direction. If so, you will need to address this issue at the next meeting.

Mastering the Administrative Details

Let’s look in greater depth at your administrative responsibilities as a coach.

Meeting agendas and any related materials should be distributed to members at least two days before the meeting to give members an opportunity to study the handouts. If you have a corporate intranet, you can put this information on the network in a file dedicated to the team rather than on paper.

You might even want to create a file in which copies of all documents related to the project will be kept so that those on the team can replace lost reports of other materials distributed during the life of the team project.

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