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The Assessment Process

The main stages in the assessment process are:

 Planning assessment.
 Conducting assessment.
 Recording and reviewing assessment.


 Identify the context and the purpose of the assessment.
 Identify the national unit standards.
 Identify the evidence required.
 Select the assessment methods.
 Establish the procedures and develop the strategy to collect the required evidence.
 Organise the assessment.
 Consult and advise learners and discuss the assessment activities.
 Prepare the assessment guide and assessment documents


 Discuss the assessment activities with learners.
 Conduct the assessment and gather the evidence.
 Provide feedback to the learner during assessment.
 Make assessment decisions.
 Discuss the assessment decision with the learner.


 Record the assessment results on the record sheet.
 Provide feedback on the performance to the learner.
 Review the assessment procedure and methods with the relevant people.
 Complete the record of learning.

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