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Selecting, sequencing and prioritising outcomes-based learning material

In South Africa, credit bearing, outcomes-based learning programmes for adult learners are based on unit standards and qualifications registered on the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) website. A registered unit standard, for any field of education and training in South Africa, has specific outcomes, assessment criteria, range statements, embedded knowledge and critical cross field outcomes. When confronted with all this information, the programme/materials developer needs to decide on:

Another question to be asked by the developer is: Does one learning package fit the needs of all learners, or should the learning material be customised for each group of learners?

Selecting content
Content chosen to support the achievement of the outcomes should be linked to the following:

    *Knowledge − the ideas that learners will learn and remember;
    *Skills − the practical capabilities that form the core of most learning programmes; and
    *Values and attitudes − the underlying ideas behind the skills and knowledge.
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