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Pre Training Planning

One of the first and most important steps in pre-training planning is to identify and agree on roles and responsibilities before posts are even filled. Terms of reference should also be drawn for the following set of roles:
• Programme Manager
• Training Coordinator
• Administrative Assistant

• Curriculum Developer
• Content Specialist
• Curriculum Writer
• Curriculum Editor
• Graphic Designer

• Training Facilitators
• Training Co-Facilitators

For clarity of responsibilities the Programme Manager is usually and typically the MSB Programme Officer and in a case of a project that has a strong training component MSB’s Programme Officer is also the Programme Manager. The Training Coordinator, on the other hand, could be someone in the counter-part agency or the organisation targeted by the training and/or based in the country where the training is planned. These two are different from the Lead Material Development Specialist (also known as Curriculum Developer), who in some cases could be a hired consultant. The Administrative Assistant is a self-explanatory term and someone who reports to the Training Coordinator and is responsible for the details of training admin and logistics.

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