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Methods of meeting Learning Needs

There are many different methods for conducting the needs analysis. Among the available assessment methods are the following:

• HR records. HR records can include accident and safety reports; attendance records; grievance filings; exit interviews; performance evaluations; and other company records such as production, sales, and cost records.

• Individual interviews. People to consider interviewing for information on training needs include Affirmative Action officers, employment recruiters, managers, and top executives.

• Focus groups. Unlike individual interviews, using focus groups involves simultaneously questioning a number of individuals about training needs.

• Observations. Sources for observation include on-the-job performance, simulations of work settings, or written work samples.

• Surveys or questionnaires. Surveys or questionnaires generally use a standardized format and can be administered by mail, phone, or hand.

• Samples for use. Sampling is similar to surveying and focuses on a smaller, selected group.

• Group tests. Tests can identify areas that need to be addressed, as well as employees who need training.

Each organization selects the most appropriate method, taking into account such factors as organization size, technology, organizational structure, training staff, facilities, and budget.

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