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Evaluating training and the transferring of learning

Learners, especially adults, need to know how they are doing and need to be reassured that they are making satisfactory progress.

The ETD practitioner and coach also needs to know how they are doing in preparing learners to perform skills.

Managers need some way to measure the effectiveness of the training and both the ETD practitioner’s and the learner’s performances.

For it to be meaningful, the evaluation process must begin even before the employee receives training.

The criteria for measuring training success are determined by the specific standards of performance and various metrics that the manager or someone else in the organization has established at the outset. These criteria, of course, are linked to specific business needs and priorities.

The Four Levels of Evaluation

Reaction – Evaluating the ETD practitioner
Learning – Evaluating the learner’s comprehension and retention
Behaviour – Evaluating the learner’s transfer of training to the job
Results – Evaluating OJT’s impact on business goals and outcomes

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