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The training plan is an essential process that allows important decisions about the training to be made logically and systematically.

The first form of plan focuses on the whole organisation, department, team, or work group, depending on the most logical size of group with which to work, and it needs to be considered against the following:

• Budget;

• Number of people involved;

• Resources, e.g., space, equipment, materials;

• Priorities;

• Transfer of learning.

A number of industry standards can be applied in creating the training plan.

1) The most effective learning takes place in the workplace environment and engages not only the learner but also colleagues with whom the learner regularly interacts.

2) Where staff are widely dispersed, flexible learning, which includes many forms of self-study and distance learning have an important place in the strategy.

3) Learning should take place “just in time”, in other words, when needed and when it can be effectively applied and practised.

4) The value of continuous learning, whereby learning is not seen as a one-off event.

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