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The implementation of assessment practices will be an important aspect of skills development. As coach the skill to conduct an assessment is very important


In the past, assessment was based on measuring a person’s achievements against others being assessed. The most common way to assess was a written examination. In a competency-based system, learners are assessed against clearly defined assessment criteria and specific outcomes.

A registered assessor who has been trained to design and develop assessment activities and to collect evidence carries out assessment.

To ensure quality and consistency, the ETQA has implemented quality control systems. Quality will be assured through systems such as moderation.

The quality of assessment is the key to the success of a National Qualifications Framework. Standards, qualifications and assessment systems are designed to meet industry’s need for consistency and reliability. Assessment systems also need to be flexible enough to be applied in all relevant circumstances, and to offer access to assessment for all learners able to achieve the standards.

Definition of the term “assessment”

Assessment is a structured process whereby different types of evidence are collected, and judged against the requirements of relevant national standards, using a variety of methods. Judgements are made in order to make a decision on an individual’s performance in relation to national standards.

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